Cecile Johnson's extraordinary watercolors and ink sketches of the Caribbean resulted in commissions from the Virgin Islands and Jamaican governments, the Bank of Bermuda, Trimingham’s of Bermuda, Rockefeller Resorts and the Princess Hotels. TWA commissioned a series on Paris, London and Rome exhibited on the Champs Elysees (this led to another commission from Harrod's of London). A.B. Phillips of Sweden commissioned paintings and serigraph editions of Swedish athletes Ingemar Stenmark and Bjorn Borg in action. 

Other commissions were received from American Express; 3-M; Equitable Life (for tennis) and Travelers Insurance (for golf); Texaco and Mobil Oil (Ports of the World); General Electric and General Mills. She painted for numerous hotels on commission including The Broadmoor, Hilton, Trust Houses Forte, Vista and Brown Palace hotels. She also painted on commission for the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Navy. 

Women in Navy Control Room 6/5

Secretariat 8/8

Sports Commissions

·  The PGA at Pebble Beach

·  The Kentucky Derby

·  The U.S. Lawn Tennis Association for the U.S. Open

·  The American Hockey Association Championships

·  United States National Figure Skating Championships

·  World Figure Skating Championships, The Broadmoor, Colorado

·  Annual hot air balloon festival, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Printed Work

Over 200 of Cecile Johnson’s paintings have been reproduced as lithographs both in series and as individual prints. Printed series include:

·  “Memorable Mountains,” Skiing Magazine

·  Paris, London, Rome series, TWA

·  London, Harrod’s

·  Bermuda, Princess Hotels

·  Jamaica, Government of Jamaica

·  Virgin Islands, Government of the British Virgin Islands

·  “California Wine Country”, Mondavi Vineyards

Museums and Collections

Cecile Johnson’s paintings are represented in the following collections:

·  Cascadia Museum of Art

·  Emperor Akihito of Japan

·  King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden

·  President Gerald Ford

·  President Jimmy Carter

·  The Government of the Virgin Islands

·  The Government of Jamaica

·  The Rockefeller Family

·  Laurance Rockefeller

·  Robert Mondavi

·  Phil Mahre, U.S. Olympic Skier. Skiing Hall of Fame

·  The Navy Museum-US Navy Art Collection, Washington, DC

·  National Art Museum of Sport

Corporate Collections

·  ABC Sports

·  Bank of Bermuda

·  American Airlines (TWA)

·  Mondavi Vinyards

·  Moran Marine Towing Company

·  Ford Motor Company

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